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Big Size! Big Size!Big size porcelain marble tile!
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Along with the improvement of people's quality of life and the changes in aesthetic needs, the decorative effect of big-sized tiles like 1200x2400mm, 1600x3200mm, has attracted more and more attention and attention. It is not difficult to find that big-size porcelain marble tile have been favored in domestic and foreign markets in recent years.

-Big size porcelain tiles are used in the superior hotel lobby

In the past, big size porcelain marble tiles were mainly used in relatively high-end comprehensive venues, such as some high-end hotel lobby, government and enterprise projects, luxury clubs, high-end villas, and so on. Now they are also used in ordinary home decoration.

In recent years, some big-scale private houses have become more and more demanding for big-size porcelain marble tiles. This kind of tiles are rapidly entering the ordinary home decoration and are accepted by more consumers.

-Big size porcelain tiles are used in bathroom

1. Big size tiles give the impression of extension

 Big-scale porcelain marble tile laying style is generous, giving people a feeling of extension and openness, and in the big and relatively open space, the use of big-sized tiles will appear simple and elegant, elegant and high-end.

-Big size porcelain tiles are used in living room

2. Big size tiles can be cut freely

 Big-size tiles can be cut freely, which can not only cause waste, but also can be combined with the requirements of home decoration for multi-standard mixing, which can create different styles.

-Big size porcelain tiles are used outdoor

3. Big specifications: new applications for environmentally friendly materials

 Nowadays, tiles are not only limited to the kitchen, bathroom, living room floor, but also can be used on the wall, do ceilings, cabinets, and doors. big-size porcelain marble tiles can replace many materials to achieve a true sense of environmental protection and redefine home life.